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A Romanian success!

CRIS-TIM is the most known cold cuts brand in Romania, with a very strong image on the market and well defined in consumer’s perception.

CRIS-TIM offers to consumers what they want, considering taste and state of mind: a balanced range of health, fresh, regional and international products, a various range of classic, vegetal salami and sausages or for children.

Being  true to its own values CRIS-TIM became famous, earning a good reputation and loyal customers.
Under the CRIS-TIM brand we launched one by one memorable products:  the famous “Sasesc” Salami, “Forzoso” line for kids, “Galinia” line, vegetal and raw-dried salami and sausages. CRIS-TIM specialists are continually testing recipes in order to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.


A new product in our portfolio: Family Sunca - 2011-10-05

Bring all at your table with Family Sunca CRIS-TIM! We launched Family Sunca, a ham with 71% meat content, specially designed to delight the whole family with the supreme taste of a premium product.Made from carefully selected pork, Family Sunca is a

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